The Greenshades API is useful for retrieving and modifying data on our platform. However, sometimes a client needs to be made aware when something happens within the Greenshades platform.
The Greenshades API meets this need via webhooks. With webhooks, clients may register to receive events via HTTP when specific things happen and respond accordingly.

Webhooks are HTTP callbacks that can target a customizable URL. The Greenshades API currently supports subscribing to the following events as webhooks:

  • paySchedule.updated
    A pay schedule's information was updated on Greenshades.
  • employee.added
    An employee was added to Greenshades.
  • employee.updated
    An employee was edited on Greenshades.
  • employee.directDeposit.updated
    An employee's payment information was updated on Greenshades.
  • employee.earningCode.added
    An employee was assigned an earning code on Greenshades.
  • employee.earningCode.updated
    An employee's code assignment information was updated on Greenshades.
  • employee.earningCode.deleted
    An employee's earning code assignment was deleted on Greenshades.
  • employee.paySchedule.updated
    An employee's pay schedule information was updated on Greenshades.
  • payRun.completed
    A pay run was completed on Greenshades.

To learn more about how to subscribe to events using webhooks, visit the webhook subscriptions section of the API reference.