Employee Direct Deposit


Employee Direct Deposit determines how employees get paid. Greenshades supports multiple employee direct deposit accounts and as well as ACH prenote.

Supported Operations

Query for a specific employee's direct deposit accounts via the GET method. Use the PUT method to replace all existing accounts with a new setup.



Direct deposit accounts are paid in order. Use the ordinal field to dictate which account is processed first, second and so forth.

Routing Number

Routing numbers must be valid ABA numbers. An invalid routing number will cause an error. For more information about what makes a routing number valid, see The ABA web site

Account Number

This is the bank account number listed on the bottom of the employee's check.

Amount and Percent

Use amount (e.g. 100.00 for $100.00) if paying a specific dollar amount to this account. Use percent (e.g. "50" for 50%) if paying a percentage of the net pay to this account.

Account Type

The account type must be either Checking or Savings.


One account must be indicated as the remainder account. All remaining funds (if any) will be deposited to this account once all other accounts have been satisfied. The remainder account should have the highest ordinal to ensure it is processed last.


An account indicated as prenote won't actually be paid into. Greenshades Payroll customers may use this field to indicate which accounts should be included in an ACH prenote file. Once the account passes prenote, clear this flag in order to activate the account for payment.