Greenshades API v1.0.20211228

The 2021 year-end release is here, highlighted by some new guides and features. There are no breaking changes.

New Fields

A few new fields have been added to the API:


The workspace entity now contains an ein field.


A workspace represents a federally-recognized business entity. The ein field contains the workspace's federal employer identification number.


The position entity now offers optional fields for workersCompensationClassCode and occupationalCode.

Workers Compensation Class Code

The workersCompensationClassCode field represents the state-level Workers Compensation code that corresponds to the position.

Occupational Code

The occupationalCode field represents the BLS SOC Occupation that corresponds to the position. For more information, see the BLS website.

Employee Direct Deposit

The Greenshades API now supports managing employee direct deposit information.

  • Check out the Guide for information
  • Go to the Api Reference for code samples and examples